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Online Sessions with Joseph Cordes are typically done via Zoom and sessions payable via PayPal. Phone is do-able, but for Feldenkrais & other instruction, video access is needed.

Grand Rapids Feldenkrais Method

Overview of

Online Sessions

The sequence is:

  • First Session: Requires 2 hours for initial online history, assessment, & first session. Joe talks you through this process to inform you of each step and check-in with you.
  • Subsequent Sessions: Typically 1 hr to focus on and assist you with goals established in session one and ongoing needs as described by client.
  • Current Clients: If you’re a current client and not able to come into the office, Joe can easily arrange an online session to keep things in motion while you’re away, and help address difficulties. (typically 1 hr/usual hourly rate). Clients comment regularly on how effective and powerful these sessions can be.

The assessment provides a personalized map for exploring how positive change can be achieved.   Joe’s career has a long history of combining modalities for healing that enable him to work with you to address a multitude of Body-Mind-Spirit difficulties through any of the following:

  • Energetic balancing utilizing his 30 years of experience in Tibetan esoteric healing. This is anatomically very specific and enables effective tuning from head to toe, physical & emotional.
  • Feldenkrais lessons to fit the movement challenges you’re having and goals you’re trying to achieve.
  • Meditation Training fit to your own spiritual background and use of centering tools to achieve deeper calm, better sleep, and emotional/spiritual/physical well-being.
  • Customized Home Programs – where he can augment other therapies you may be requiring in your recovery, with movement lessons, custom Acupressure point sets, Listening program, and advise on pain management.

For more detail on any of these, please see ‘Specialties’ and ‘About Us’, or email Joe directly ([email protected]). Joe will respond to email with more details and hourly rate.

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