The Listening Program – Sound Health

At Sound Body, Sound Brain, our focus is on how your brain and body function are inextricably linked, and how health is enhanced by methods that focus on both.

The Listening Program ( is a wonderful tool using classical music recorded by Advanced Brain Technologies and utilizing principles of auditory processing by the late Alfred Tomatis. This set of 10 CD’s is the only Tomatis-based CD program that is recorded in 5 speaker, 192 KHz sound, with each instrument recorded and modulated separately. It is delivered with special CD/headphone sets, or with an exclusive I-Listen/headphone combination with even greater value and ease of use. By listening for two 15 min sets a day, a child or adult can help their nervous system tune, their sleep improve, their mental clarity increase, and their ability to tolerate sound and other auditory, visual and vestibular stimulation with greater ease. Focus/concentration improve, and age-appropriate skills are enhanced. Brainwaves show marked improvement after use of the Listening Program (TLP). This indeed is a program that helps the whole family.

Combined with NF (neurofeedback), the TLP program enhances the of the biofeedback, and clients will often show improvements in half the time of programs that utilize only neurofeedback. By using the TLP CD’s at home, the clients come in pre-tuned by sound, and ready to work into deeper training sessions with EEG biofeedback.

Our TLP/NF evaluation includes a complete review of your history, a listening program checklist to discern specifics of your loved one’s difficulties, a EEG biofeedback pre/post measurement and test of readiness for change, a pre/post test of brainwave response to a Listening program Sensory Integration CD, a dominance test (eyes, ears, hand, foot, cognitive), eye tracking test, and as time permits, a digit span test for auditory and visual memory ease and preference. We can then tailor a program to suit your needs, and especially geared for home-based training/learning. Our goal to give you the best with the least cost, for the fewest sessions. Towards that end we also add eye-ear-balance integration via Bal-A-Vis-X exercises ( developed by Bill Hubert.

All this, combined with our body-brain knowledge, makes our brainwave rehab one of the best available and for the least cost.

Joe and Karel are both certified Neurofeedback practitioners utilizing Zengar NeuroCare program.
Joe is a certified Listening Program provider.
Joe and Karel are both Bal-A-Vis-X trained through Level III.