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Joe’s journey as a healer began as a student of meditation & contemplation from high school to present (40 yrs). Joe has studied many energy based techniques since the early 90’s, including Esoteric Healing (completed all 8 levels, and has taken 15 classes with Barb Briner, DO), was introduced to concepts of Applied Physiology (an effective and insightful approach to applied kinesiology based energy work, studied Dual-Point Acupressure (completed all courses in the series – Module I & II) from Justin Pomeroy in Chicago.  He blends all these techniques with his many other manual therapy techniques.

Joe’s ability to synthesize and combine the best of various techniques is one of his key talents and he can bring these insights to others in both effective and enjoyable energetic sessions, that empower the client to take their own life to new heights.

Joe’s background in Feldenkrais technique especially guides his focus on learning and changing old habits by embodying awareness & expanding our functional ability in all we do.

Joe has offered this service for decades now, but in 2017 expanded it to provide distant healing and coaching regarding various tools for awareness, meditation, and self-balancing for a happier and more whole life. His Skype practice is growing and now spans five states.

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