Neurofeedback – EEG Biofeedback

Neurofeedback, or EEG Biofeedback, is the use of specialized biofeedback equipment to read and give feedback regarding the basic hemispheric electrical frequency activity of the brain. The activity of the brainwaves is reflected on-screen, and both auditory and visual feedback helps to train the nervous system in how to move toward balance and improved function. This can be used to help a variety of problems, but especially offers a means to minimize and correct sleep deprivation, to improve focus/concentration, and to assist reduction in overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system post-trauma or post-injury/surgery. This makes it ideal for chronic pain, for ADD/attention issues, for sleep deprivation, and many other sensory retraining.

Both Joe and Karel are certified neurofeedback trainers (since 2004) providing EEG Biofeedback via the NeuroCare program developed by Zengar Corporation and Vail Brown, PhD. We feel strongly that this is one of the best EEG biofeedback systems available as it promotes what all our methods try to incorporate: restoring flexibility and resilience within the brainwaves for the nervous system to come into greater balance with resulting positive shifts for multiple functions throughout the body & brain. Unlike many other NF systems, the Neurocare/NeuroOptimal system is designed to encourage brainwave variability and to respond to “emergent” shifts in function with a system that adapts to the client, rather than forcing the client to change toward external priorities.

One could call that old approach to biofeedback, coercive biofeedback. This approach is decidedly non-coercive, in that it provides feedback relative to real-time sampling of the client’s own brainwave activity, and the feedback of uninterupted music/video for over 75% of the time, teaches the nervous system what its doing right, rather than forcing change by giving feedback triggered only in the range that is not functioning well. The nervous system is able to find better ways of organizing itself with such amplified awareness of its own range of options. Thus, …..this style of neurofeedback is indirect, consistent with the majority of all our approaches at SoundBody, SoundBrain.

Neurofeedback with a difference …..
Our program is enhanced by our many years of experience in helping people find function and balance within their overall body and brain function. Thus, we know that what we’re dealing with here is far more than just brainwave balance. We emphasize training and equipping the client to be able to help themselves as much as possible, in their own home, to empower them to be self-reliant over time, rather than dependent on equipment in our office.

Thus, we assess the client and specifically tailor a home program that combine our clinical neurofeedback with appropriate listening program CD’s, with sensory integration for eyes, ears, & balance (such as Bal-A-Vis-X), with tools to minimize pain (a specific sensory noise that impacts brainwaves), and with Feldenkrais movement learning for optimal function.

We are committed to doing this in the fewest number of sessions we can, with emphasis on your home program, and keeping costs as low as we can.